“The Bharath Brand Integrates the Bharath group of companies as one seamless force with a single focus towards the direction of our vision and mission.”

The design intent is to create a Brand Identity that enduring.The Bharath logo is inspired by the great pyramids of Giza,that has been built to last over thousands of years.It also represents the spirit of teamwork to achieve group objectives one.It has been designed keeping in mind the Eternal golden Ratio,Phi, 1:1.618 that has been the time-tested proportion in maany famous Arts,Architecture and Grapic Designs around the world.The real Estate and finance related business is akin to Gold that has measurable value and has always yielded profitable returns.Steller’s ¬†Foray into Mining also has gold apart from other metals.Also,White symbolizes Truth,Purity and transparency,the ingredients necessary for successful business partnerships and collaborations.